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Anima-Strath and Equi-Strath are natural feed supplements based on the high-quality Strath herbal yeast. They enrich the feed for your pet with 61 valuable vital nutrients.

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What are the ingredients of Anima-Strath and Equi-Strath? How is it produced? Find out here what is behind the power of herbal yeast.

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Anima-Strath makes an impact

Sniffer dog Nyra can sniff happily again

Faster, more enduring, fitter: Tracker dogs often need to give better performance than other members of their species. So it's all the more important that they get exactly the right nutrition. That's why Jean Vollenweider swears by Anima-Strath for Nyra von der Wolfsgrube. Find out more in the brief profile.



Name and age of the animal

Nyra von der Wolfsgrube, 9 years old

Species and breed

Female German Shepherd, operational sniffer dog for drugs and bank notes with the Police Force for the Canton of Zurich

Owner's name and place of residence

Jean Vollenweider from Dübendorf, Switzerland

Initial situation/problem

a bit quiet, fur could be glossier, likes to play, happy working

Dosage, time used, other treatments

Anima-Strath (1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening mixed with feed)

Result (success/change)

more endurance, greater "enjoyment in life"


Loves eating Anima-Strath. Should be continued.

Nyra is enjoying life more and has greater stamina.

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