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Anima-Strath and Equi-Strath are natural feed supplements based on the high-quality Strath herbal yeast. They enrich the feed for your pet with 61 valuable vital nutrients.

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What are the ingredients of Anima-Strath and Equi-Strath? How is it produced? Find out here what is behind the power of herbal yeast.

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Anima-Strath makes an impact

Bulldog is fit and hungry again

Whether with the parents or directly with the next generation: Anima-Strath can bring about genuine miracles in development. This became apparent in the case of E.B. and her bulldogs. Find out more in the brief profile.



Name and age of the animal

Not known, 2 1/2 years old

Species and breed

Dog, Bulldog

Owner's name and place of residence

Ms E.B., breeder of French bulldogs

Initial situation/problem

Lack of appetite

Dosage, time used, other treatments

Medication did not result in any improvement. I advised the owner of the bulldog to try treatment with Anima-Strath.

Result (success/change)

After only a short time, the general condition improved noticeably.
The dog's appetite returned and with it the energy to go for walks – he has now been accompanying his "master" on walks again for a while.


For me, Anima-Strath is an indispensable boost product.
My "menu" - which I give to the buyers of my puppies - lists treatment with Anima-Strath.

The dog's appetite returned and with it the energy to go for walks.